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The White Terror

Since January 7th 2015, with the huge and filthy « I am Charlie! » demonstration, the worthy heirs of the Versailles’ Left in 1871 did descend upon France the WHITE TERROR.

The song below draws its inspiration from « The Bloody Week » that Jean-Baptiste Clément wrote in secret, dedicated “To the Shooted” Communards.

Save for squealers and cudgelers,

There’s no-one going about

But Moslems having the jitters,

Immigrants are down-and-out.

Wage-earners in depths of despair,

Freelances undergo worry,

Courts show themselves quite unfair,

Gaols erected plentifully.


Burden :


Yes but…

Old Order’s tottering

Hard times ceasing to exist!

Beware the revenging

When all the Poor will deal with it! (bis)

  –  March 21th 2017

WRC-F – Brand New People

Video version

Avertissement :

Nous vous rappelons que nous vivons en pays occupé :

"Les murs ont des oreilles...".