• Manuel Réaliste-Convenable du Comm-Anar

                   • Œuvres de Freddy Malot par ordre chronologique


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Go for it, fellows!

-1-    Now’s our time to bring down the Idol with feet of clay: the West rotten to the core.


Forsake the System. Counter-community (School, Media, Courts, Constabulary, and the whole caboodle)!



-2-    Matter and Spirit are heads and tails of the same and single Real.


Nature and Humanity are at Parity.


  Two mated Parties make up the social basis: one Feminine and the other Masculine.


  Two combined values animate working: Equality and Liberty. This entails a twofold Behaviour: Brotherhood and Friendship.


  The new regime of genuine Partners implies all at once Free Livelihood and Voluntary Service.



-3-    As jails are offhand vacated, likewise locks of every kind depart for the museum.


As well as public-private Properties vanish and give way to mere Possessions, Borders are overthrown and U.N.O. is consigned to the scrap heap of history.



-4-  Well! Well! We’ve got the Suitable Community: Anar-Comm. Without Money and Weapons.



Extract from the Realist-Suitable Handbook of Anar-Comm,
WRC n° 1/BNP,  – 4.12.2012.

Avertissement :

Nous vous rappelons que nous vivons en pays occupé :

"Les murs ont des oreilles...".